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     My sister recently gave birth, and mum and I decided to hire a weekly cleaning service for a year to help her. We called around and NewingtonCarpetCleaners had the lowest rates. They have done wonderfully. Her place is always immaculate.
Lisa D.21/05/2020
     Another excellent experience, impressive teamwork just like the first time, the best cleaning company.
     So much time and money saved using Newington Carpet Cleaner. Their cleaning company is cheap and very good quality.
Roger Hamilton10/06/2019
     The cleaners from NewingtonCarpetCleaners worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure I received the cleaning job that I was after. I have no complaints. It was just a top service.
Rebecca A.09/10/2018
     The best cleaning solution I ever got was from NewingtonCarpetCleaners. I was worried about some of the carpets in my home because they were really starting to look like they were suffering. I was loathe to replace them as they were quite expensive, so in my desperation I turned to a professional service. After having people around to clean the upholstery, I thought I knew what to expect. Instead, I was blown away by what was on offer and cannot praise their work enough. The carpets are like new and my home is saved. Thanks again to the whole team.
Ernest Cox04/06/2014

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