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     Stellar service! Proficient at cutting and wedging the lawn. Booked for the whole year. Would highly recommend.
Lina Hampton11/06/2024
     Thanks to Newington Carpet Cleaning, we have had access to two exceptional and trustworthy cleaners for the last couple of years, making our lives much easier.
     NewingtonCarpetCleaners has won me over with their exceptional service, the cleaners were always available and provided excellent service every time I worked with them. Will certainly be returning for more.
     I have never seen such an impressive display of dedication as I did from the cleaning team when they tackled my filthy bathroom and made it immaculate once again.
Grace Anderson30/03/2024
     I am so grateful to have found NewingtonCarpetCleaners for their deep cleaning services. Their efficient work left my home sparkling and saved me from the aftermath of a bathroom remodel.
Oscar Wells20/03/2024
     Their commitment to providing exceptional results and outstanding customer service is why we continue to choose Newington Carpet Cleaning Services for all our carpet cleaning needs.
Edward F.18/12/2023
     Courteous and diligent, the team delivered outstanding service throughout my experience.
     Working with Newington Carpet Cleaning Services was a great experience all around, from scheduling and pricing to their extremely capable cleaning team. On-time arrival is a given here, and you won't be disappointed once the work is done - the kitchen looks absolutely wonderful, with every detail taken care of.
Blair Pearce26/07/2023
     This isn't something I typically do, but the level of excellence and dedication during the home cleaning job Newington Carpet Cleaning Services provided us with was breathtaking - therefore it'd be a shame if more people couldn't hear about it! If you're looking for a company capable of mastering almost every cleaning task, they're your best bet.
Carl Richards18/05/2023
     My sister recently gave birth, and mum and I decided to hire a weekly cleaning service for a year to help her. We called around and Newington Carpet Cleaning had the lowest rates. They have done wonderfully. Her place is always immaculate.
Lisa D.21/05/2020
     Another excellent experience, impressive teamwork just like the first time, the best cleaning company.
     So much time and money saved using Newington Carpet Cleaner. Their cleaning company is cheap and very good quality.
Roger Hamilton10/06/2019
     The cleaners from NewingtonCarpetCleaners worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure I received the cleaning job that I was after. I have no complaints. It was just a top service.
Rebecca A.09/10/2018
     The best cleaning solution I ever got was from NewingtonCarpetCleaners. I was worried about some of the carpets in my home because they were really starting to look like they were suffering. I was loathe to replace them as they were quite expensive, so in my desperation I turned to a professional service. After having people around to clean the upholstery, I thought I knew what to expect. Instead, I was blown away by what was on offer and cannot praise their work enough. The carpets are like new and my home is saved. Thanks again to the whole team.
Ernest Cox04/06/2014